Dive into the blue...

World Oceans Day 2020
Published in Ecology & Evolution
Dive into the blue...

June 8th is annual World Oceans Day, a movement to unite conservation action around the globe. To mark this event, we’ve brought together a selection of marine-focused posts from our Community contributors.

  • Timothy Clark questions whether ocean acidification is driving fish bonkers! Timothy’s blog discusses how he attempted to replicate the results of some recent pioneering studies, showing that end-of-century seawater carbon dioxide levels caused dramatic behavioural and sensory impairments in a suite of coral reef fishes, but couldn't...
  • Laura Antao’s blog outlines how thousands of biodiversity time series from temperate regions were used to link biodiversity change to temperature change, and to compare ocean and land responses. “It was really exciting to be able to use so many data for so many groups of species and to tease apart these patterns in the ocean and on land in the same analysis.”

To read these articles in full, visit our World Oceans Day channelAnd if you’d like to see more ocean-related blogs, go to our Sustainability Community channel, or create your own!  

World Oceans Day

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