Do you have a favourite microorganism?

International Microorganism Day
Published in Microbiology
Do you have a favourite microorganism?

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It's International Microorganism Day on Tuesday and we would like to know if you have a favourite microorganism.

If you do, then please feel free share what it is and why right here in this dedicated channel. You could share an image or a video, perhaps linked to your research (we’ll share our favourites on Instagram), or a blog post with a longer explanation.

International Microorganism Day is Tuesday 17th September. You can add your ‘favourite microorganism’ post anytime from now: make sure you are logged into the community, click on the ‘Contribute’ drop-down and select ‘create new post’ – be sure to add it to the IMD channel.

Not a Contributor but would like to post something? No problem, get in touch with us here and we'll make sure you have permission to post.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and we look forward to hearing from you. Will certain microorganisms be more popular than others…?

A common cold germ asking the father of a neurasthenia bacillus if he can marry her; he is refused on account of the social gap between them. Dialogue includes: Proud parent "You cannot have my daughter the social gulf is too wide remember you are a mere germ of a common cold - she is a bacillus of neurasthenia." Pen drawing by C. Harrison, 1913. (Wellcome Collection).

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