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A list of events, stretching into November, for your travel planning. See links for more information.

CFPIE 2012 Comprehensive Overview of FDA Regulatory Compliance for Drug and Biotech Products
October 25– 26, Doubletree Valley Forge, King of Prussia,Pennsylvania. More information here.

? Bio Deutschland European Business Development Conference 2012
October 17–18, Hotel Taschenbergpalais Kempinski,Dresden,Germany. More here.

? Biotechnology Transfer & Commercialization Conference
October 24–26,PennsylvaniaConvention Center,Philadelphia. Details here.

The Regulatory Convergence 2012 RAPS

October 26–30,Washington State Convention Center,Seattle.

? BIO-Europe 2012 Conference.  Bio-Europe
November 12–14, CCH Congress Center Hamburg,Hamburg,Germany

? Kellogg School of Management: Strategies for Management of Intellectual Property

November 14–16, Kellogg Conference Center, Northwestern University,Chicago. More here.

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