G7 support research data good practice

The G7 have published their G7 Research Compact, following the G7 summit this weekend in Cornwall, UK. It majors on open science/research and explicitly references data sharing.
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I was excited to see the focus on research data and open research in the G7 Research Compact, published this week.

It lays out some shared values:

"As our nations and communities start to recover from the pandemic and build resilience for future shocks, we will continue to work with our research and business communities to remove barriers to the open and rapid sharing of knowledge, data and tools, to the greatest extent possible, recognising the importance of research security in particular in cutting-edge fields, and to promote open science and increase open, safe and transparent dissemination of science to citizens, and to strive to minimise technology-related risk."

In the specific actions:

It talks about a commitment to fostering research data management and sharing through policy, infrastructure and services, and exploring incentives "including research assessment to drive a culture of rapid sharing of knowledge, data, software, code and other research resources."

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