How our brain chemicals drive our behaviour

All in the Mind finds out how certain chemicals influence everything, from how we make memories, to how we fall in love │ 31 min 9 sec listen
Published in Neuroscience
How our brain chemicals drive our behaviour

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You’ve heard of adrenaline, oxytocin and cortisol, but what about glutamate and GABA?

And how much do you really know about the chemicals coursing through your brain?

On All in the Mind this week, we take a whistle stop tour through your brain to learn how various chemicals influence our behaviour.

Listen to the podcast - How our brain chemicals drive our behaviour.


Ginny Smith
Author, Overloaded: How Every Aspect of Your Life is Influenced by Your Brain Chemicals


Swa Kaushik
Brain Tour Guide


Sana Qadar


James Bullen

Sound Engineer:

Isabella Tropiano

Poster image by meo from Pexels

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