Microbiomes on PhD comics

PhD comics has released a video and comic explaining the microbiome
Microbiomes on PhD comics

For many of us, a little bit of procrastination during grad school is / was a welcome relief to maintain some sanity, and I’m sure many of you are familiar with Jorge Cham’s PhD comics!

This week, PhD comics provides a whizz through the microbiome in comic strip and video form, with the help of Dr Elaine Hsiao from UCLA and produced in partnership with the Kavli Foundation.

In a mere 3 minutes, we are told about their environmental and biological diversity and that they are essential to our physical and mental well-being, but also of the unknowns (of which there are many!). We are only just beginning to understand the complex interactions within a microbiome, and between the microbiome and its host / environment. The comic serves to remind us of the benefit of a collaborative, multidisciplinary effort, opening up opportunities for harnessing the power of microbiome services.

Remember, “It’s the little things that make a big difference”!

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