Optimizing Lab Engines

Quantification of strain-specific differences in seven widely used strains of E. coli (BL21, C, Crooks, DH5a, K-12 MG1655, K-12 W3110, and W) using genomics, phenomics, transcriptomics, and genome-scale modeling.
Optimizing Lab Engines

In the Paper a group studied various strains of E. coli using genomics, phenomics, transcriptomics, and genome-scale modeling.The highlight of this study is they checked the performance of E. coli strains under different conditions (Transcriptomic data GSE78756) which enhances understanding of optimization as well selection of strain suitable for use either for basic biology or for industrial use. The transcription factors, codon usage and global regulators rpoS also plays vital role in gene expression. Finally paper introduces a new star method format brought by Cell press.

Paper Link : http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2405471216302903

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