Resilience: What's the buzz?

The skills we need to best cope with life's challenges and changes ⎮ 41 min 58 sec listen
Resilience: What's the buzz?

As Lynne Malcolm gets ready for life outside the ABC, she’s been thinking about how all of us cope with changes and challenges, and how our sense of ourselves is influenced by our surroundings. This has become even more relevant for us as we get through the COVID-19 pandemic.

To learn more, listen to the podcast Resilience: What's the buzz?


Dr Justine Gatt, Senior Scientist, Neuroscience Research Australia and School of Psychology, University of New South Wales

Jana Pittman, Medical doctor and Olympian, Author of Just Another Hurdle

Rachel Bradshaw, TWIN-E Study participant

Amy Maitland, TWIN-E Study participant

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