Springer Nature launches Research Digests with Scientific American

Springer Nature has launched a new service where research authors can purchase a promotional article on Scientific American to explain their science to a public audience
Published in Chemistry

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Taking your research to a research-engaged public audience

Springer Nature is launching a new service to help researchers disseminate their science to a public audience, using the large readership of the internationally renowned Scientific American. 

Our professional science writers will create a summary of your original research article suited for a public audience, and the piece will then be posted on the Scientific American website where it will be seen by a research-engaged readership.

Your research is transformed—explained and contextualized in an accessible way—and promoted on the Scientific American website (seven million users each month) and Twitter channel (four million followers). Enjoy an effortless and rewarding collaboration with best-in-class scientific communicators who will position your research for a broader audience and help it have greater reach.

With this service you can:

  • Reach a new audience and get your research read by a public readership
  • Prove the social impact of your research and track the influence your research has on the public sphere by following the increase in reads, shares, and social media interactions
  • Benefit from trained science communicators with our experienced science writers who will explain your research to a public audience in a way that is accurate, illuminating, and that explains why your scientific advances are important for society
  • Get Tweeted by Scientific American as part of the service; we will promote your work on our official Scientific American Twitter account to ensure your research reaches as many people as possible

You can see an example of a Research Digest with Scientific American here, where our writers helped explain a complex microbiological topic to a public audience. 

To find out more, and to submit an enquiry, click here. And remember that Springer Nature offers a range of free resources around article promotion here, which includes guidance on how to create your own research video summary or podcast.

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