The journey toward "ungrading"

English Professor Elisabeth Gruner describes how student learning was affected when feedback was provided instead of grades. Story by Elisabeth Gruner via The Conversation⎮3 min read
Published in Neuroscience
The journey toward "ungrading"

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Elisabeth Gruner is a Professor of English at the University of Richmond, Virginia, United States of America. In her article, I no longer grade my students’ work – and I wish I had stopped sooner, she explains why she chose not to grade students work. Instead, Gruner decided on a better way and provided feedback instead.  "I hate grading. I love teaching, though, and giving students feedback is teaching. I am happy to do it" Gruner says. 

Learn more about Gruner's "ungrading" journey and the impact it had on students learning outcomes.

Original story published by The Conversation

Poster Image by Photo by Charlotte May 

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