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This week’s Net hauls in a new report on the state of the global biotech industry, start-up incentives in St. Louis (USA), a new resource for licensing and, predictably, seaweed.

* The global biotech market is poised to exceed $320 billion by 2015, according to a new report by GIA. The US is still the big fish in the pond, followed by the UK, France, Germany and Spain. India and China are highlighted as key emerging markets for biotech drugs due to their rich talent pool and low cost of investment. Read more here.

* In a bid to encourage cross-boundary licensing, the World Intellectual Property Organization will now allow PCT applicants interested in making their patent applications available for licensing to list the information on the agency’s PATENTSCOPE website. Applicants can include licensing terms and state which countries are available for licensing. Go to the site

* Business leaders in St. Louis, Missouri, are banding together to bring more start-ups, including biotechs, to the “Gateway to the West.” Arch Grants will give fledgling businesses cash, discounted housing and office space and access advisers and professional services from local firms. Here’s the article.

* Finally, (sea)green biotech company Bio Architecture Lab hopes it has found a better biomass feedstock. The Berkeley, California start-up, along with its subsidiaries in Chile, hopes a modified strain of E. coli can enable high ethanol yields from seaweed. Read more about BAL here.

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