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In this week’s News Net, a biotech analyst talks sector trends and the rewards of microcap investing, a VC breaks down just exactly what “early stage” means, and an entrepreneur looks back at a decade of starting successful companies in an unlikely spot.

  • The International Business Times interviews Rahul Jasuja, managing director and senior biotechnology analyst at Noble Financial Capital Markets. Jasuja thinks gout and targeted oncology plays, among others, are ripe for investing, and considers strong management to be crucial for microcaps to get on his radar. Read much more here.
  • More than half of biotech venture financings are early-stage deals, according to VC Bruce Booth. But what exactly does “early stage” mean. Bruce breaks it down.
  • Finally, New Hampshire Public Radio visits Lebanon-based Adimab and talks to the company’s founder and CEO, Tillman Gerngross, about his role in the growth of the biotech industry in the state over the past decade. Read and listen to the repost here.

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