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Today’s News Net brings you required weekend reading for bioentrepreneurs. This week: Australian biotechs under the microscope; New Jersey failing to foster growth; and good news (finally) on the venture front.

  • The Sydney Morning Herald takes a sober look at the prospects of two of Australia’s most promising biotech startups and asks whether the hype surrounding them is real. Read about them here.
  • New Jersey’s Bergen Record looks at Roche’s closure of its Nutley facility and the prospects of the long-promised biotech cluster in New Brunswick and concludes that the Garden State’s medicine chest “has a few holes in it.” More.
  • Life-sciences and health investing by VCs is making a comeback, says Reuters. The lean years cleared the VC field to such an extent that the ones that remain will have a better shot at success, says Brent Ahrens of Canaan Partners. Previously, “too much money was chasing too few deals,” said “If the too-much-money part goes away, that’s likely to improve the ecosystem.” More on the turnaround here.

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