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In this week’s Net: a stem cell roadmap for India, more money for early stage biotech in Quebec and a word on the debate of the moment from Bruce Booth.

  • At a recent stem cell and regenerative medicine conference, India’s former president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam said the department of biotechnology and the Indian Council of Medical Research would soon come out with a roadmap for stem cell research and therapy. “They are evolving a road map for stem cell research through three areas—adult stem cells, umbilical cord stem cells, and embryonic stem cells.” More here.
  • According to the Montreal Gazette, Merck has partnered with two Canadian VCs to launch the Merck Lumina Biosciences Fund to invest in early-stage biotech firms in Quebec. The drugmaker is committing $35 million to the fund’s $50 million target. Read more here.
  • In Forbes, VC & blogger Bruce Booth gives his take on the hot topic of biotech business models: what’s in, what’s out and what’s dead. Find out what your “worldview” is here.

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