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Our roundup of news stories you may have missed includes strong words from an Indian pioneer, adding a dash of biotech to Kenyan schools and a peek into the world of DIY biotech.

  • Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, chairman of Indian biotech giant Biocon, has called on her government to move quickly to facilitate the growth of biotech. Her wishlist for startups includes a regulatory framework and access to seed money, perhaps through a stock exchange. Read the article here.
  • Participants at a biosafety workshop in Kisumu, Kenya, are calling for GMO crop production and biotech foods to be part of Kenya’s education curriculum. Educators say introducing Kenyans to the technology at a later stage in life may be to blame for widespread misconceptions. More here.
  • Finally, the HuffPo takes a look at the burgeoning DIY biotech movement, where hackers “operating in the near-empty spectrum between academia and big biotechnology companies” are pursuing exciting science with scavenged equipment and outsourced technologies. Check it out here.

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