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We’ve done it again — only this time it’s bigger than before. Following on from an experiment a couple of months ago, in which we made a News & Views article on organic synthesis freely available for a week, we’re now bringing you an entire collection of News & Views pieces, covering a diverse range of chemistry. You can find everything here, and once again the content is as free as the birds (at least, it will be for two months).

The articles were originally published in Nature over the last year or so, and provide you with expert commentary on some of the top chemistry papers from recent times. So, if you’d like to hear Stuart Schreiber’s thoughts about a recent development in diversity-oriented synthesis, Chaitan Khosla discussing the relevance of dynamics in enzyme function, or perhaps Craig Hill waxing lyrical about one of the latest discoveries in late transition metal oxo complexes, why not go and have a look? And we haven’t forgotten all the physical chemists and materials scientists out there, there’s something for everyone.

So what are you waiting for? It’s free!


Andrew Mitchinson (Senior Editor, Nature)

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