The Sceptical Chymist | Materials Girl: Scientific debate

Published in Chemistry

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Posted on behalf of Materials Girl

It’s late October, I’m running on ~7 hours sleep for the last 48 hours, and deadlines are fast approaching (not to mention my quantum midterm in 2.5 hours)! Must… sleep… study…

My original intent – up until yesterday when my parents offered a “bribe” for staying in school – was to get a job after I graduate next June. After getting that “break” for a year or two, I could head off to grad school. I’ve already started sending off resumes to big companies… Considering the new aforementioned development, however, I’m considering staying at my university for a Master’s in materials science & engineering – possibly ceramics, in which case I have to study for the GRE and write essays now!

So the debate in question is: break to work or grad school ASAP? I’ve heard a few arguments, but not much from scientists. Go!

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