What was your inspiration?

Cats, geese and budgerigars…
Published in Microbiology
What was your inspiration?

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A nice interview in STAT today with Andrew Haddow – a researcher at the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases – has got me thinking. Andrew specialises in viruses transmitted by mosquitoes and has been pottering away with Zika research for years, well before the surge of work we are now seeing in response to the current outbreak.

There’s a family history of Zika research in Andrew’s family – his grandfather was one of the scientists who first identified Zika, back in 1947. Andrew’s father, also an infectious disease researcher, would regale stories of jungle adventures, and have culture plates “sitting next to the toaster”. All this sought to inspire Andrew to follow in the family tradition, and in some way directed him to where he is today.

This got me thinking about how our childhood can shape us, and what we end up doing as a career. I grew up on a plant nursery in the glorious English countryside. Surrounded by arable and pastoral farms on the edge of Exmoor National Park, the nursery was an oasis of greenery and wildlife, including a Christmas tree plantation, a pond (with my very own island!), a soft fruit orchard and nuttery, a menagerie of ducks, geese, chickens and cats to keep the pests at bay, and the odd budgie, just… err… because! Growing up in that environment definitely got me into nature and all things environmental, and helping my mum fill in the daily crosswords no doubt ignited my love for reading and writing – perhaps it was inevitable I would someday end up at Nature Microbiology!

So, I throw my thoughts out to you: Did you follow in your parents’ footsteps, or did you rebel against it all and go in a completely different direction? What inspired you to initially start down the path?

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Go to the profile of Andrew Jermy
over 8 years ago
I herald from a household with a pensions clerk and a data systems analyst for various companies (before big data mind). They were never sure where my interest in science came from, or why both of my brothers and I are well over 6 ft, they were 5' 3 and 5'8. Great post!
Go to the profile of Ben Libberton
over 8 years ago
My dad's a chemist and my mum is an English teacher. I think it was always clear that I was going to be some kind of scientist, I just kept following my interest until I ended up being a microbiologist (or whatever it is I actually do).