Young Investigators' Meeting at Guwahati, India

A meeting which was filled with young minds, ideas and loads of information
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Young Investigators' Meeting at Guwahati, India

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It is always fascinating to meet researchers who work in various fields of science and yet come under one roof to share their work. I attended one such meeting in India called the Young investigators' meeting (YIM).

The YIM is an annual event organized by IndiaBioscience in collaboration with the young faculties from across India. The YIM is considered one of the prestigious meetings wherein the selected postdoctoral fellows from across the world meet Indian scientists and directors from various institutes in India. 

I was at the booth with my Springer Nature colleague and we had several discussions with many researchers about the Springer Nature Experiments, protocols and methods portfolio, finding and evaluating the protocol, importance of the platform to find for the right protocol. During the Lunch and dinner sessions, it was insightful to talk to the eminent scientists and directors about the research in India and the importance of saving time and resources to achieve greater scientific results. During these conversations, one specific topic mostly took the center point and that was about the importance of publishing a protocol versus result oriented research paper. This could be because the recognition and pressure for publishing new results is higher than publishing a newly developed protocol. My discussion with Prof. K VijayRaghavan, principal scientific adviser to the Government of India and a scientist at NCBS, was especially enlightening as it pointed out the increasing need for the protocols and method content/databases for researchers in India, especially for those who are working in niche areas such as CRISPR and as well in applied research/translational research.

It was a pleasure attending the YIM event and I thank Vikash Kumar, director for institutional and corporate sales, for the amazing support. The organizers of YIM meeting, especially Smita Jain from IndiaBioscience, were extremely helpful before and during the event. I look forward to the next YIM meeting with even more activities and involvement.

Vikash kumar and I at the booth during the YIM meeting
Vikash Kumar and I at the booth during the YIM meeting

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