Ben’s Coronavirus Compendia Compilation

In this video, Ben talks through some of the research he's been highlighting in his weekly literature reviews.


Ben began his regular SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 research round-ups at the end of March; now six posts in and hundreds of papers later, he discusses some of the work featured so far. Press play to learn more!

List of articles featured in the video

Virus origins:

Diamond Princess outbreak:

Asymptomatic spread in Iceland:

Myalgia and chills as symptoms:

Loss of taste and smell:

BAME groups more affected in NYC:

Hypertension and other risk factors:

Coagulation disorders:

Immune dysregulation:

Fatality rates in Chinese cities:

Dangers of hydroxychloroquine:

Compassionate use of remdesivir:


Reproductive rates:

List of weekly research reviews so far

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