April 2017 cover

Crystal structures define the molecular basis of antibody neutralization of RSV. Image by James Crowe and Jarrod Mousa; Cover Design: Samantha Whitham
Published in Microbiology
April 2017 cover

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Stopping RSV in its tracks

Crystal structures of two potent RSV antibodies in complex with the RSV fusion protein determine the molecular basis for neutralization of the virus, including a new antigenic site and the basis for cross-reactivity with human metapneumovirus.

Refers to "A novel pre-fusion conformation-specific neutralizing epitope on the respiratory syncytial virus fusion protein" by Mousa et al.


"Structural basis for antibody cross-neutralization of respiratory syncytial virus and human metapneumovirus" by Wen et al.

Nature Microbiology 2: 16271 (2017)

Nature Microbiology 2: 16272 (2017)

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