Attention for neglected pathogens

Zika virus and melioidosis hit the news
Published in Microbiology

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Public awareness of emergent pathogens has turned in recent hours to two threats perceived as new: Zika virus and Burkholderia pseudomallei. Both mainstream news and social media have taken note of a case of Zika virus infection diagnosed in Texas yesterday and a study published by Nature Microbiology on the predicted distribution of B. pseudomallei and the burden of melioidosis worldwide.

It is nice to see these pathogens having a place in the news cycle (for example here, here and here), which should draw attention and hopefully much needed funding for research into these areas. Of course, for us at @NatureMicrobiol, it is great to see that one of our articles garners so much press. For additional information on Zika virus, you can go here and here, and on meloidosis, this prescient Nature Reviews Microbiology Review is really nice.

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