BOLD in brief

The new year marks the next step in BOLD’s exploration of the science behind children’s learning and development. This month, discover BOLD’s latest podcast episode on building solid foundational skills, and an article on the benefit of physical exercise for classroom learning.
BOLD in brief

BOLD looks a little different this year. Explore the four new hubs – Development, Learning & Education, Technology, and Society. Editor-in-Chief Gemma Wirz and Deputy Editor Annie Brookman-Byrne reflect on BOLD’s journey as it matures from a blog into a digital multimedia platform. Read the article here. 

Foundational skills are the building blocks for other life skills and further education. In episode 12 of Teachers’ Voices, Nina Alonso speaks to a researcher and two teachers about investing in children’s foundational educational skills. Listen to the podcast episode here. 

Physical activity teaches children behavioural and emotional regulation skills that may benefit classroom learning. Interestingly, disadvantaged children seem to benefit the most from physical activity. Fotini Vasilopoulos argues that schools and parents can capitalise on this link by encouraging children to engage in games and sports that are appropriate for their age. Read the article here. 

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