Call for Papers: Mountain surface processes and regulation

Scientific Reports is welcoming original primary research articles for a special Guest Edited Collection in ecology and sustainability.
Published in Ecology & Evolution
Call for Papers: Mountain surface processes and regulation

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Mountains cover about a quarter of the world’s land surface and provide water and mineral resources, timber and non-timber forest products, and many other food, fiber and fuel products.

Scientific Reports, a journal from the Nature Research family, is proud to welcome original primary research articles for our upcoming “Mountain surface processes and regulation” Collection.

 This Collection will provide a platform for interdisciplinary studies of mountain surface processes and their responses to climate change and human activities. Submissions are welcome in areas such as mountain ecology and environment change, degradation and restoration of mountain ecosystems, mountain plants and vegetation, dynamics of debris flows, landslides and soil erosion in mountain areas, and watershed management and development.

Submissions for this Collection will be open through the end of September 2019. More information and details about this Collection and how to submit a manuscript can be found here.

This Collection is Guest Edited by Professor Xuyang Lu, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China. Xuyang Lu is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China. His academic research focuses on the biogeochemical cycles of mountain ecosystems and their responses to climate change and human activities.  Recently his work has investigated the effect of litter and organic matter on soil C and N transformations and their microbial mechanisms. He is also involved in projects aimed at assessing the impact of policies such as grazing exclusion on Tibetan Plateau ecosystems. Prof Lu has been an Editorial Board Member for Scientific Reports since 2017.

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