Centre of Open Science: Your chance to give your input on Preprints

Published in Social Sciences

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Recently, Springer Nature introduced a new unified preprint policy across all Springer Nature journals to make it even easier for researchers and the community to use preprints. As we are always looking for ways to better serve the research community, we are pleased to be supporting the Centre of Open Science’s (CoS) effort to gather opinions about the factors that affect the credibility of preprints and potential barriers to the their adoption. To that end, CoS has launched a survey to assess the research communities’ beliefs about what information are useful to them in making credibility decisions about preprints. As a researcher, we encourage you to share your views about the factors that affect the credibility of preprints and what you see as the potential benefits and costs of preprints. The survey runs until the end of June. The information that you provide in this study will be handled confidentially. Your data will be anonymous, which means that your name will not be collected or linked to the data. Take the survey today.

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