Mary Elizabeth Sutherland

Senior Editor, Nature
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behavioral sciences, including computational social science, social science, sociology, social psychology, cognitive psychology, social and affective neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, neuroscience

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This is great news! I'm glad to see another good outlet for solid psychology research and registered reports!

Congratulations! This is a great collection full of many important insights.

Replying to Chathika Gunaratne

It's exciting that Computational Social Sciences is becoming its own discipline in it's own right and was great to witness the diversity of backgrounds of all the attendees of the IC2S2 2019 conference.

With it's coming of age, Computational Social Science does bring forth it's own set of problems, such as techniques to ensure scientific rigor that cross existing disciplinary boundaries, and relevant venues for peer-reviewed publication, given the huge diversity of methodologies being used by researchers in this field. I'm curious as to what the authors' views are on these issues going forward?

Thanks for your comment, Chathika, and sorry for the delay in responding. When sending any manuscript to peer review, the editors at all Nature journals determine the expertise necessary to cover any paper. We therefore try to ensure that all techniques used in a paper are properly vetted, and do recognize that this often requires reviewers to concentrate on one aspect of the paper (e.g. on a specific method being used).