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This month saw the announcement of the EMBO Young Investigators for 2014, and we’re very pleased to count three of them amongst our Nature Protocols Authors! All in all, 27 researchers from 11 different countries were selected to receive the status of EMBO Young Investigator this year; you can see the full list of researchers along with their research interests here.

So, we’d like to congratulate all the new EMBO Young Investigators, and especially our Authors Filippo Del Bene, Ines Thiele and Johannes Zuber. Ines has written two Nature Protocols on the topic of metabolism, one for generating genome-scale metabolic reconstructions and a second for predicting cellular metabolism using the COBRA toolbox, both of which have been very popular additions to our content. With a focus on RNAi, Johannes’ protocol provides a pipeline for the generation of shRNA transgenic mice, and Filippo’s protocol for converting zebrafish transgenic lines from eGFP reporters to GAL4 drivers with CRISPR/Cas9 is one of our most recent articles, published in Nature Protocols earlier this month. It’s great that we’ve been able to help disseminate the work of such up-and-coming researchers, and we’re equally pleased that they have found us the place to publish their protocols!

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