First Rounders: Neil Kumar

By the time I got to MIT, it was more, “How do I work on a problem that I can make a difference in?” And I wasn’t so worried about the fact that there were likely to be many people in my program who were more gifted than I was.
First Rounders: Neil Kumar

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Our latest First Rounders podcast features Neil Kumar. Here is an article in Business Insider with Neil talking about BridgeBio’s business model, and here is an Xconomy article covering BridgeBio’s ~$350 million IPO. Here is a long panel session at Biotech Showcase, with Neil talking about funding drugs for rare disease. In the podcast we discussed Andrew Lo’s “megafund” article in Nature Biotechnology, which can be read here, and also the book Scale, by Geoffrey West. The podcast itself can be found here.

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