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Welcome to “Flatchat,” a new blog from the editors of several journals within the Nature family, handling manuscripts on graphene and 2D materials. And you can probably guess what this blog will be about!

Graphene made an impressive entry a few years back, with the Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov from the University of Manchester in 2010 and hasn’t left the spotlight since. On the contrary, other materials – equally thin – joined the team, like transition metal dichalcogenides. At the moment, a very large community of researchers across a number of disciplines is looking to uncover the fundamental properties and reveal the potential of this family of materials for applications. Our aim for this blog is to bring exciting news about these endeavours to you.

In particular, we aim to discuss here, first of all, interesting papers published in various scientific journals, and covering all aspects of undergoing research on graphene and 2D materials. We will also bring you news from the conferences we occasionally attend: on the talks, the posters, the trends.. We will also discuss news pieces covering the science of 2D materials, published books, blogs, websites or any other relevant media outlet that catches our attention.

Above all, we are hoping for this blog to become a communication platform with our readers, so please feel free to leave comments below the entries, if you wish to contact us. Entries will be added regularly in this space, so make sure you check this page occasionally to see what we and the 2D materials community are up to!

Elisa de Ranieri (Senior Editor, Nature Energy)

Luke Fleet (Senior Editor, Nature Physics)

Maria Maragkou (Associate Editor, Nature Materials)

Luigi Martiradonna (Senior Editor, Nature Materials)

Silvia Milana (Associate Editor, Nature Communications)

Giulia Pacchioni (Associate Editor, Nature Reviews Materials)

Liesbeth Venema (Senior Editor, Nature)

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