Guest Edited Collection: Insect Decline and Extinction

Published in Ecology & Evolution
Guest Edited Collection: Insect Decline and Extinction

In recent years a new term has been coined to refer to the dramatic drop of both insect number and species: " the insect apocalypse". Appropriately foreboding, given that insects form a core part of our ecosystem. At Scientific Reports, our recently opened Collection, "Insect Decline and Extinction", welcomes research exploring the underlying causes of this phenomenon, as well as its potential impact. 

The Collection is led by our Guest Editors, Renee M. BorgesKenneth F. HaynesMariusz KanturskiXiang-Dong Liu, Xuguo "Joe" Zhou, and is open for submissions of original research until the end of June, 2022. For additional information on the submission process and our Guest Edited Collections, please see our Calls for Papers page.

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