Guest Edited Collection on Nucleic acid chemistry

We are pleased to announce that Communications Chemistry is welcoming submissions to a Guest Edited Collection on Nucleic acid chemistry.
Published in Chemistry
Guest Edited Collection on Nucleic acid chemistry

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This Collection aims to offer insights and inspiration in the field of nucleic acid chemistry, including but not limited to:

  • Synthesis, modifications, functionalizations and bioconjugations of nucleic acids
  • Detection, biochemical profiling and structural characterization of nucleic acids
  • Application of nucleic acids in chemical biology, medicine, diagnostics and more.

We welcome both fundamental and applied studies, as well as both experimental and theoretical research.

The Collection primarily welcomes original research papers, and we encourage submissions from all authors—and not by invitation only.

The team of Editors working on this Collection is:

Guest Editor Prof Andrea Rentmeister, LMU München, DE
Guest Editor
Prof Michal Hocek, Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, CZ
Senior Editor
Dr Huijuan Guo, Communications Chemistry, DE
Chief Editor
Dr Victoria Richards, Communications Chemistry, UK

Commissioning Editor Florence Shen, Nature Portfolio, CN

 See here for full details:

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