Interactions: Anastasiia Novikova

Anastasiia Novikova will join Nature Reviews Physics in January after a PhD at Synchrotron SOLEIL and a postdoc at CEA Saclay in France.
Published in Physics

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Anastasiia Novikova

What made you want to be a physicist? 

I was always curious to understand natural phenomena, and physics seemed to explain how almost everything worked in the Universe. Besides, I enjoyed the scientific approach used in physics: experiment and demonstration.

If you weren’t a physicist, what would you like to be (and why)?

If not a physicist, I would definitely be an artist. As a child, I was passionate about drawing and painting (and I still am). Shapes and colours of nature were always hypnotizing me.

Which historical figure would you most like to have dinner with — and why?

I have a whole list of historical figures but the one I would really like to meet is Richard Feynman. To me, he is a person remarkable for his manner of popularizing physics and capturing the audience. The first thing I would ask him: “What is your secret? “

Which is the development that you would really like to see in the next 10 years?

I would like to see the development of Artificial Intelligence in the domain of Genetics to help us understand such issues as genetic disorders.

What’s your favourite particle?

While studying the Physical Chemistry module at Pierre and Marie Curie University, I was fascinated with how the electronic structure of a compound could influence its colour. In this regard, my favourite particle is, definitely, the electron.

What would your dream conference be like?

The conference I dream of would be dedicated to the greatest discoveries of all time. And being imaginary, it would be organized by the pioneers, with, for example, Isaac Newton giving a Welcome speech.

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