Introducing Nature Reviews Psychology

Launching 2022, Nature Reviews Psychology is an online-only journal publishing Reviews, Perspectives & Comments across psychological science, its applications & societal implications.
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Introducing Nature Reviews Psychology

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The number of primary research papers in psychology published each year is staggering -- by a conservative estimate there were 245K in 2020, which is a 30% increase from 2018 and a 50% increase from 2016. In this context review articles have an important role to play. Reviews offer a concise and balanced overview of a subject, situate a large body of work in context, build connections, and identify new angles. 

More succinctly, reviews are an opportunity to take stock of where we are, and reflect on where we need to go next.

I am therefore thrilled to introduce Nature Reviews Psychology, a new online journal that will publish authoritative and accessible Review and Perspective articles across the full breadth of psychology -- our scope includes all subfields of cognitive, social, and clinical psychology, including developmental aspects, methodological issues, and more applied areas.

We will also publish Comments, Viewpoints, and Research Highlights that will elaborate on significant advances and offer a venue for discussing topical issues in psychology.

Like our sister Nature journals, we are staffed by a team of full-time professional editors, who work closely with authors to develop and shape the paper. At Nature Reviews editors are a lot more hands-on than other journals, and we provide extensive feedback and support throughout the process to ensure that we end up with the best possible paper that will be read by the widest possible audience. It is literally our job to care about your paper, and I think it shows in the final product.

I'm really excited about the journal, and I hope you are, too. For now, follow us on Twitter and stay tuned for our first issue in January 2022!

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