If life were a person she'd be very busy
Published in Microbiology

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If life were a person

she'd be very busy

but wouldn’t make it weigh upon us

she’d never bore us.

She could sit

in front of a bowl of pistachios

without eating them up.

She’d smoke as much as she pleases

one-three cigarettes per day

or not at all.

She’d really get drunk


but not necessarily on weekends.

She’d keep a bottle of champagne

in her home bar

and a bunch of white tulips

on the living room’s table

just in case

there’s something to celebrate.

Her favorite sport?


She's not the best at it

she doesn't have to.

She’d hedge her bets

when gambling at the casino.

She’d never say goodbye

but see you later.

Thing is, she’s been around for 3.5 billion years.

So it goes without saying,

life knows better.


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