Open Call for European FAIR Champions

The FAIR-IMPACT initiative launched a call for FAIR Champions, a group of 12 experts that will be actively on boarded to act as ambassadors for FAIR, engage their community, and advocate for adoption of the project results.
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Open Call for European FAIR Champions

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The FAIR-IMPACT project  is funded by the European Commission Horizon Europe programme and it aims at identifying practices, policies, tools and technical specifications to guide researchers, repository managers, research performing organisations, policy makers and citizen scientists towards a FAIR data management cycle. The focus will be on persistent identifiers (PIDs), metadata, ontologies, metrics, certification and interoperability, starting with real-life use cases on social sciences and humanities, the photon and neutron sciences, life sciences and agri-food and environmental sciences. 

FAIR-IMPACT is actively engaging with stakeholder communities for the adoption of the FAIR principles. In this direction a group of 12  FAIR Champions will be on board to act as ambassadors for FAIR, engage their community, and advocate for adoption of the project results. The FAIR Champions will also be involved in facilitating national roadshows in their country, and will contribute to the development of FAIR implementation stories.

FAIR-IMPACT is looking for Champions who have broad expertise in FAIR policy and/or practice, bring strong research data advocacy experience and excellent communications skills, are driven to help mobilise others to generate more FAIR data on  policy and/or practice level, and are keen to share best practices. Gender diversity, a balanced geographical and stakeholder representation, and broad interdisciplinary expertise across FAIR policy and practice will be ensured in the evaluation of the profiles.

The deadline to apply is Friday 10 March at 17.00 CET

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