Yasin Asadi (He/Him)

Researcher, Islamic Azad University central Tehran branch
  • Iran (Islamic Republic of)

About Yasin Asadi

Computer Engineer, Network Engineer, Researcher, Reviewer, and Lecturer, having earned his M.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering from IAU, Tehran, Iran. Active membership in esteemed professional organizations, including the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), IEEE Computer Society (CS), Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA), and the International Association of Engineers (IAENG), underscores his commitment to staying at the forefront of the field. Specializing in computer engineering, network engineering, Network-on-Chip, and Machine Learning and Data Science, he passionately explores the interconnections between computer engineering and other scientific disciplines. His aspirations are defined by a strong commitment to positively influence the scientific community and contribute to societal betterment.

Subject Areas

Artificial Intelligence Data Development Publishing Science Communication Smart and Wearable Devices


Channels contributed to:

News and Opinion