The Sceptical Chymist | Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting 2010

Published in Chemistry

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Posted on behalf of Lou Woodley

What question would you ask a Nobel Laureate in science if you could? This is one of the competitions that forms part of the social media aggregation site for this year’s Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting which takes place from 27th June to July 2nd. The annual Meeting on Lake Constance is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year and will bring together 61 Nobel Laureates across the sciences with almost 700 young researchers for a week of lectures and networking.

To follow what happens at the event, the aggregation site brings together an official blog in English and German with Twitter, Flickr and videos from the event. There are also two competitions: in the first you can submit and vote for potential questions to ask the Laureates. The most popular questions will be answered and featured in a special Nature Outlook supplement in the autumn. The second competition invites you to submit and tag photos of Nobel Laureates for a chance to win a Flip HD camera. More details can be found here. You can also find additional content on Facebook or meet other attendees in the Nature Network forum.

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