The Sceptical Chymist | Podcast killed the radio star


Everyone reach for your iPod (or generic mp3 player) – the most chemistry entertainment you’re likely to hear today is now available in the guise of the Nature chemistry podcast. Clear the fluff from your ears and check it out here.

In this issue Gareth Mitchell takes at closer look at how our eyes work, with the help of carbon nanotubes; the chemistry blogosphere is deconstructed; and Harry Kroto explains why he thinks the British government is killing UK science. We also have a special report from Fraser Stoddart’s 65th birthday party.

The blogging feature has already created a reaction with this post on The Chem Blog, and here at carbon-based curiosities.

The Chempod is the first in a series, next time comes all the gossip from the ACS fall meeting.

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