The Sceptical Chymist | UCLA brings home the BACON

Published in Chemistry

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Editor’s note – this is a guest post from Professor Neil Garg at UCLA.


Notorious for being the ‘weed-out’ course that crushes the hearts and souls of our students, organic chemistry has a bad reputation. To help counter this unfortunate perception, we have recently developed a series of online tutorials that connect organic chemistry to topics in human health and pop culture. We call it B.A.C.O.N. at UCLA (Biology and Chemistry Online Notes and Tutorials) and our students love it.

We would like to make these tutorials accessible to educators and students anywhere in the world at no cost, so we are raising funds for software development with the help of the UCLA Spark crowdfunding campaign starting on May 4.

If any chemists or science enthusiasts would like to help us out in the meantime, you can support us through our Thunderclap page by clicking “Support with Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr”. There is no cost and your support helps to spread awareness.

We would be very grateful if you would be willing to add your support to BACON and its science-education goals!

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