Top 5 Behind the Paper posts for 2020

The top five Behind the Paper posts shared by researchers in the mind, brain and education space for 2020 | 1 min read
Published in Neuroscience
Top 5 Behind the Paper posts for 2020

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Welcome back to all our followers!

Researching the brain is not always as it seems and as we’ve come to expect, the brain is complex. There are many pathways scientists choose to follow to explore how the brain develops, thinks, functions, adapts to, and learns, to navigate through and explore the world.

Our npj Science of Learning authors shared their amazing discoveries with us in 2020 and here are the Top 5 Behind the Paper posts.

1 The hidden agent of decision making, by Alexandra Cohen and Kate Nussenbaum from the Hartley Lab, New York University, the United States of America.

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