Luíseach Nic Eoin

Senior Editor, Nature Ecology & Evolution
  • United Kingdom

About Luíseach Nic Eoin

Luíseach joined Nature Plants as a locum editor in early 2016, before joining Nature Ecology and Evolution later that year. After a degree in Archaeology and Anthropology at Cambridge, she studied Palaeolithic Archaeology and Palaeoanthropology at University College London, followed by a DPhil studying hunter-gatherer archaeo-ethnobotany and stone tools from southern Africa at the University of Oxford, supervised by Peter Mitchell. Her primary interests include hominid evolution and ecology, human-plant interactions, heritage and conservation. Other interests include cats and food security (not least her own).


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Recent Comments

Dec 15, 2017
Replying to Ben Johnson

I absolutely loved this series (the actual TV series and the series of reviews) - thanks so much to all the reviewers and of course to you, Luíseach, for commissioning them! I really learnt a lot.

thanks Ben!

Comment on EAAPP 2017
Aug 30, 2017
Replying to Henry Gee

That's a great summary. Luiseach - I look forward to joining you at ESHE next month.

thanks Henry!

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