David Dockterman

Lecturer, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • United States of America

About David Dockterman

I operate at the intersection of research and practice. In 1982 I helped found Tom Snyder Productions, an early pioneer in educational technology, while getting my doctorate at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Over the last 30 plus years, I have continued to balance lives in the academic and publishing worlds, serving now as Chief Architect, Learning Sciences for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. In both roles, I support the development of research-driven innovative practices to tackle challenging educational problems. At Tom Snyder, and later at Scholastic and HMH, I designed dozens of award-winning computer programs including: Decisions, Decisions; Science Court (which was also a highly-acclaimed TV show on ABC Saturday morning); and The Great Ocean Rescue. Most recently, I served as a key advisor for the development of MATH180 and READ 180 Universal. My long-time Harvard course, Innovation by Design, fosters an iterative, agile approach to innovation across a range of educational issues. My new course on Adaptive Learning delves into new ways that technology can support personalized learning in different contexts and for individuals and groups. Productive failure and a growth mindset fuel innovation and learning, and I have become adept at infusing the underlying research from behavioral psychology and cognitive science to foster those dispositions among students, teachers, and institutional leaders. I am a Fellow of the International Society for Design and Development in Education, an Editorial Board Member for the journal npj Science of Learning, and a Senior Fellow for the International Center for Leadership in Education.


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