W. R. (Bill) Klemm

Senior Professor of Neuroscience, Texas A&M University
  • United States of America

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Specialize in communicating learning and memory research. Operate a blog for Psychology Today and my own (thankyoubrain.blogspot.com), with nearly 2 million reader views. Author of "Memory Power 101," "Better Grades, Less Effort," and "Teach Your Kids How to Learn" (in press).


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Jun 01, 2017
To explore this topic in depth, I hope you will consider my four books on improving learning and memory. See description and reviews at http://WRKlemm.com I also have a science-based blog with over 250 posts at http://thankyoubrain.blogspot.com. Reader views of my posts now total well over two million.
Apr 28, 2017
Your followers may want to join my LinkedIn neuro-education group: "Neuro-educaton: Promoting cognitive development They should go tohttps://www.linkedin.com/groups/4883556 They also might want to follow my blog on "Improve Learning and Memory" at thankyoubrain.blogspot.com. There are over research-based 250 posts there, searchable by key words.
Mar 14, 2017
Good points. I have tried to do what you suggest in my new book, "The Learning Skills Cycle. A Way to Rethink Education Reform." Your readers will also want to know that we have a Linkedin neuro-education group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/4883556
Sep 21, 2016
As you know, there is overlap with other communication venues for the science of learning. For example, I operate a Linked In group on Neuro-education (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/4883556). So, perhaps npj might want to narrowly define its scope. Such scope, for example, might be communication about educational research. Regardless of scope, this is a useful new communication environment for professionals interested in education and learning and memory research.


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