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Replying to Gabrielle Ahern

I like the film. I think it is written and presented beautifully. I am sure it will initiate a lot of discussion from teachers and parents, to understand the science of being a teenager a bit better. 

Thanks Gabrielle! We are so happy with it and hope it will lead to the sharing of useful strategies.

Replying to Dr. James Gupta

Great article Annie - I'm forever trying to dispel the 'Learning Styles' myth, not sure the message will ever get through but I'll share this out to a few places in either case!

Thanks James! It would be great if you could share widely, thanks very much. It's quite astonishing how pervasive the learning styles myth is. Let's keep up the effort in dispelling myths!

Replying to Dr. James Gupta

Hi Annie - this conference looks really interesting... is there an email address I can reach you on to ask a few questions?

Hi James, yes please do email us! You can contact us on EarliSig22@gmail.com

And Alex Hodgkiss has written a summary of the day here: http://www.educationalneuroscience.org.uk/2017/04/06/neuroscience-in-the-classroom-current-progress-and-future-challenges/
Videos of the day's talks can now be viewed online here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhvtXVv1RRLindwh_h6eKMHd5jNDtbJMz
For lots of really interesting posts about bridging science and education from Mike, go to his personal blog here: https://hobbolog.wordpress.com/
Hi Phil. I had heard about Lumosity being fined, so am glad to hear that this seems to have had some impact on what is being advertised. I haven't come across SEN Magazine before so will definitely check it out, thanks.
We are pleased to announce that we will also have a speaker from the Fit to Study Wellcome Trust and EEF funded project - Catherine Wheatley from Oxford Brookes


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