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Oct 10, 2019
Replying to Jiang Bian

Cannot agree more for your last paragraph, whilst I think it is still quite tricky in terms of the quality of the publications. Especially in the recent AI and ML domain, a good "alchemy" may lead you a deep learning paper in NeurIPS (Rank A*), but the reality is that some seeming trivial but "provable" statistical work can only get you a AIstats (Rank B, now A in Core but in most list is B or C). In my opinion, some of them from AIstats contribute more to the community in a touchable way than certain NeurIPS which only has empty theatrics. However, on the job market, with a NeurIPS paper you can even beat another competitor with 2 or 3 AIstats in most of times. 

Thanks for your comment, Jiang. You are right, sometimes the journal impact factor/conference tier cannot reflect the true "quality" of a publication. However, as a reader, such as a researcher looking for new ideas, and an employer seeking competitive applicants, it is the easiest for them to judge the quality of a publication by its impact factor or tier. Like "publish or perish", it is not a perfect evaluation system either; as you said, research from lower-tier publications can contribute more to the community than the high-tier ones do in the long run. On the other hand, I think the impact factor/tier reflects the "average" level of all the publications from that journal/conference, so while some NeurIPS papers may be less "useful" than Alstats ones, on average, the NeurIPS papers should have higher quality due to its lower acceptance rate.

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