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Associate Editor, Nature Ecology & Evolution
  • United Kingdom

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Abel joined the company early in 2019 as a locum Associate Editor at Nature Plants, where he handled and commissioned articles in the fields of plant ecology, ecophysiology and evolution. He joined the editorial team of Nature Ecology & Evolution in June 2019. Prior to his doctoral studies, Abel obtained degrees in ‘Evolutionary Biology and Biodiversity’ and ‘Ecology’ from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and acquired extensive expertise in palaeobotany and palaeocology through his collaboration with international research teams in various palaeontological research projects. He completed his PhD at the Université Lyon 1 and postdoctoral experience at the CNRS, focusing on the feedbacks between plant ecophysiology, biogeochemical cycles and climate during key time intervals of the Earth’s history.


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Feb 10, 2020
Replying to Ben Johnson

Sounds like a great meeting! I was at a recent Keystone meeting on human genomics where the excellent diversity and inclusion session was also during the lunch/skiing break. It's great that this issue is being discussed, but it should be part of the main programme! 

Completely agreed! The success of the diversity session in this meeting is good proof of the need of placing them in a more suitable time slot. I hope the organisers of the next edition of the meeting have noted that down... And happy to hear that this is happening in conferences across different scientific areas!

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