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Comment on I need to shut up!
Aug 05, 2020

Hi Joe! I'm glad the "blank slides" idea is useful, and I love your application of the idea. Your idea makes me wonder about the "balance" between blank slides students use to reflect in writing and opportunities for students to discuss. I wonder if it's "better" if students write/reflect first, then discuss? Or the other way around? Or is it contextual - does it depend on the topic/objective/etc? Hmm. Thanks for the ideas!

Jun 13, 2020
Replying to Global ESD

Thank you for this well stated argument Rob. We think the science behind your argument is solid, but your conclusions are a bit too strong. Far transfer is indeed possible and really important, but it takes careful thinking about the kinds of concepts and conceptual networks that do transfer, and how widely these transfers can be made. Evolution science is a great example of a field that has leveraged far transfer for significant scientific and practical gain, and, we argue, this field offers perhaps the central opportunity for cultivating far transfer. Our NPJ Science of Learning response to your post outlines our argument further, we would love to get your take on it - as well as others in the Science of Learning community!

Hi Global ESD! Thanks for starting this good conversation. I'm still thinking about what your thoughtful post - - and I plan on doing some writing. I suspect we can both get more specific about our thinking about far transfer through this discussion. Thanks!