Alexander J. Lander

Postdoc, University of Basel
  • Switzerland

About Alexander J. Lander

Alexander graduated from Cardiff University, UK, with a BSc in Chemistry in 2017. He then completed an MSc in Medicinal Chemistry at the same university, with an Erasmus+ research placement at the Chemical Institute of Sarriá (IQS), Barcelona. In 2018, Alexander joined the group of Dr. Louis Luk at Cardiff University to complete his PhD research, where he investigated D-protein and D-peptide technology in applied research. He then continued his doctoral research as a research assistant at Cardiff University from June 2022 to March 2023. In April 2023, Alexander joined the Molecular Pharmacy group at the University of Basel as a postdoctoral researcher. Working under the supervision of Prof. Daniel Ricklin, Alexander`s research focuses on therapeutic modulation of the complement system using peptide and medicinal chemistry.