Cintia Bertacchi Uvo (She/Her)

Res. Professor, Finnish Environment Institute
  • Finland

About Cintia Bertacchi Uvo

I have a background in meteorology, climatology, and water resources engineering. Based on that, my research has a broad and interdisciplinary character exploring the dynamics of surface hydrology and climate, from small to large temporal and spatial scales. Statistics is my main tool and I have extensive expertise in developing data-driven models for analysis and forecasting of how hydrological variables are impacted by climate variability and change. Seasonal and long-term forecast of water availability is the main output of my models and the applications of such forecasts, an important research field for me.

Among the subjects I apply hydrological long-term forecast to are hydro-electricity production, availability of water for irrigation, water allocation and drought impacts, among many others.


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