Juan Jose Lopez-Moya (He/Him)

Researcher, CRAG
  • Spain

About Juan Jose Lopez-Moya

Degree in Agricultural Engineering (1989, UPM Madrid, Spain), PhD at CIB-CSIC (1993), 3 year posdoc at University of Kentucky, USA, and 3 year at CNB-CSIC (Madrid). CSIC staff scientist since 2000, moved to Barcelona in 2004 to join CRAG Stress Programme. A sabbatical period at CIDD in Penn State University, USA in 2016. Management activity for the AGR-FOR programme of the Spanish National R+D+i  agency AEI from 2009 to 2014, and again in 2022. Since 2017, member of CSIC scientific committee for Agricultural Sciences.
Research activity focused in the control of virus diseases of crop plants, including the analysis of plant-virus-vector interactions and molecular aspects of the mechanisms of virus transmission by insects, as well as host defense responses against viruses. Contributions on gene silencing suppression, identification of new suppressors of silencing, and a novel mechanism of RNA slippage for gene expression in potyviruses. Recent focus on mixed viral infections.


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